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Product overview the 300mbps wireless n broadband router is dedicated to small officehome office soho wireless network solution. How to configure the security on compusa wireless router. The wirelessg broadband router has a builtin internet firewall to protect your network from being hacked by out side intruders. Simply plug your workstations and your broadband modem into the wireless g router, and configure your broadband connection using its builtin web interface. If you have already changed the password use that instead. Log on to the routers webbased utility and you may set encryption for the router. Compusa 54mbps wireless broadband router 333628 user. Sep 22, 2009 some routers ask you to physically connect your computer to the wireless router on the first go around because you need to configure the router settings. Guides and how to factory reset your compusa 54mbps wireless. The broadband router comes with a webbased configuration utilit y. We have comcast hispeed, and i just bought a used but complete in its box weverything compusa 54mbps wireless g broadband router sku.

Unplug the modem and the router and shut down your computers. Router physical description section 1 router physical description the following sections describe the physical characteristics of your router. This product is designed to be interoperable with any other wireless dsss type product that complies with. Wbr3408 power adapter dipole antenna quick installation guide cd manual if any of the above items are damaged or missing, please contact your dealer immediately. Dec 02, 2005 bought a compusa wireless router from compusa on black friday. The linksys wireless g broadband router is really three devices in one box. You can manage your vodafone broadband router and all its settings on a pc or mac. Nov 22, 2006 without the disc you will need to log into your router via an internet browser. Compusa 54mbps wireless broadband router 333628 clean css. The power light 1 should turn amber and then solid. Use the virtual server feature to configure any workstation as a web server or ftp server easily, allowing users to view files from the internet. User manuals for the compusa 54mbps wireless broadband router 333628 router to help you configure and troubleshoot your router. This router is a compact and advanced broadband router that offers flexible and multiple. Can anyone tell me where i can download a copy of but a hard copy of this manual please.

Once you are logged into the router by the way the user id is usually admin or root, and the password is blank, or password, or root then you can maneuver. It delivers 10100 mbps autosensing wan and lan connections, and is interoperable with 54 mbps 802. The wireless router can be managed from any pc on your lan or wireless lan. Wireless broadband router to help you get the most out of your internet experience. It is for selecting the working channels of the wireless network. When they are right, you would see the screen as the right figure. To know which color or which light is on, you should refer to the user manual. Congratulations on the purchase of your new levelone 22mbps wireless ap router. Compusa 54mbps wireless broadband router 333628 user manual. Where do i find my default router username and password.

Helps you get started with the basic installation of the wireless router. You can also use the router to share resources such as computers, printers. Compusa 54 mbps wireless g broadband router users manual. Quick start guide ridgewave 6300nel bec technologies, inc. This easytouse router provides a simple configuration interface, which allows you to. Check the wireless router status lights to verify the following. Product information package dimensions user manual 1st 50 pages click to download. Compusa wireless router setup issue december 2005 forums. Hard reset instructions for compusa 54mbps wireless broadband router 333628. Compal broadband networks compaq compex compro compualynx compumedics compusa. The individual reading this manual is presumed to have a basic understanding of telecommunications terminology and concepts. A brief description of these settings is provided below. Compusa 54mbps wireless broadband router 333628 default.

The wireless broadband router functions are described and some technology terms are listed too. The levelone 22mbps wireless ap router is a multifunction device providing the following services. Users can access this configuration utility from any of client system within broadband routers lan. It provides a powerful online monitor function and supports url and mac filtering. The wireless g broadband router allows you to conveniently share your network connection with multiple users on your network with or without wires.

Simply configure your internet connection settings in the wireless broadband router and plug your pc to the lan port and youre ready to share files and access the internet. This chapter provides an overview of the levelone 22mbps wireless ap routers features and capabilities. View the user manual fm p51 for the edimax technology model 9562040507 wireless broadband router ndd9562040507. If youre looking for the user manual for your xfinity voice device, you can download a copy of the appropriate xfinity voice user manual after providing your service address information. Here we list all wireless router brands that are in our database. First, theres the wireless access point, which lets you connect both screaming fast wireless. Running status, wizard, advanced config, wlan setting, dhcp server. It is 4 in 1 network device, which combines wireless access point, firewall, 4port switch and the nat router.

This easytouse router provides simple configuration interface which enables you to configure it with ease. If you cant find your router in this list then we dont have a manual for this specific. Troubleshooting iphone and ipod wireless connectivity to a linksys router. Compusa 54 mbps wireless g broadband router users manual cd. Motorola wireless broadband routers wrg user manual pdf download. Apsytems ecu3 zigbee installation user manual 8 internet connection there are two different approaches to connecting the ecu to the internet. Digitus wireless internet broadband user manual pdf download. If you are using a data extension kit connect the grey broadband cable to the socket. In all, i felt that dlink did a better documentation job.

Using a power supply with a different voltage rating than the one included with the wireless hspa router will cause damage and void the warranty for this product. And, if the internet connection exists, it can also optionally be configured via the internet. The hw and connection are good since i can see the wireless signal in my notebook. Introduction introduction to your router congratulations on your purchase of the ridgewave 6300nel 4glte wireless broadband router. This wireless broadband router is a costeffective ip sharing router that enables multiple users to share the internet through an adsl or cable modem. Describes the wireless broadband router and its features. It will tell you pretty much everything you need to know. Compumedics, compusa, computer, comstar, comtrend, conceptronic, concord. Connect the modem to the routers wan modem, internet port. Getting to know the wireless b broadband router 6 the back panel 6 the front panel 7 chapter 4.

Do not use the same power source for the router as other equipment. The only thing really useful on a routers cd is the user manual. The latest in wireless networking, these wireless routers serve multiple purposes an access point for your wireless network, a fourport router for hardwiring ethernet. If you dont need the extra lan ports or wireless access a broadband router. Submit your router username and password when prompted by your router. Our troubleshooting guides and advice columns are full of help and info to get you back. Broadband router users manual 3 3 connect the dsl or cable modem to the wan port on the broadband router. Buy trendnet 54 mbps wireless g broadband router tew432brp blue. Before you start configuring your broadband router, you have to get following information from your isp. Actiontec wireless cabledsl router user manual user name and password if a user name and password was entered during basic setup, it should be displayed in the broadband connection via pppoescreen. Broadband internet connection such as a cable or dsl modem with. Dlinks wireless broadband router allows lan users to share a single internet connection while providing the safety and security of port blocking, packet filtering, and a natural firewall. Simply put your sim card in and plug in the router, an internet connection can be accessed and shared virtually anytime anywhere within a wireless broadband network. Enter your vodafone broadband router password to manage your settings.

For more information on how to login to your router please see our free guides. The latest in wireless networking, these wireless routers serve multiple purposes an access point for your wireless network, a fourport router for hardwiring ethernet devices and bring it all together so that the devices can access a highspeed internet connection. Connecting the wireless b broadband router 8 hardware installation 8 chapter 5. If you have forgotten your username and password, dont panic. For every brand we provide default login details and user manuals.

The monoprice wireless router provides router, wireless ap, fourport switch, and firewall functions in one package. Wireless 300n dualband router or wireless 450n dualband gigabit router quick install guide, plus user manual on cd power adapter and ethernet cat5 rj45 cable. Before starting to use this router, please check if there s anything missing in the package, and contact your place of purchase to claim for missing items. Wireless router setup manual connecting the router to the internet 17 v1. The router would verify your user name and password. Please refer to adding computers to your network in this manual for instructions. User manuals, cisco wireless router operating guides and service manuals. Linksys official support wirelessb broadband router. Shared broadband internet access for all lan users. Give particular attention to all safety precautions. Compusa 54 mbps wireless g broadband router user s manual cd sku33628.

On the help screen, you can see each webbased utility of wireless broadband router. Find and download user guides for wireless gateways and get other helpful information. Page allow remote user to configure the device if you would like a remote user to be able to administer your dell wireless broadband router over the internet, click to select titled allow remote user to configure the device. User manual mofi45004gxeltesim4 v1 mofi network inc. Trendnet 54 mbps wireless g broadband router tew432brp. Builtin firewall ensures that your network is protected from unauthorized access. For best results, either use microsoft internet explorer 6. The wr850g, we800g, wa840g, wn825g, and wpci810g wireless lan products are wireless network products that uses direct sequence spread spectrum dsss radio technology. Now, plug the power cord into your wireless router and into a power outlet. The firmware that is installed on your wireless router can be a little bit different from the. W368r wirelessn broadband router user manual w368r user. Package contents wireless router quick install guide, plus. With the linksys wireless g broadband router at the center of your home or office network, you can share a highspeed internet connection, files, printers, and multiplayer games with the flexibility, speed, and security you need.

The wireless broadband router is an ideal solution for quickly creating and extending a wireless local area network wlan in offices or other workplaces, trade shows and special events. The router lets you access the internet via a wireless connection, broadcast at up to 54 dmzmbps, or through one of its four switched ports. When a vistabased pc fails software authentication, the user continues on in a. Direct cat5 network connection to a broadband router. Wireless broadband router user guide package contents the following items should be included. As a linux user, hardware often becomes a trouble point. Ridgewave 6300nel 4glte wireless broadband router 1 package contents ridgewave 6300nel 4glte wireless broadband router this quick start guide cd containing the user manual rj45 ethernet cable two 2 lte detachable antennas power adapter warning do not use the router in high humidity or high temperatures. Plug the other end of the grey broadband cable into the grey socket on your router. Cisco wireless router user manuals download manualslib.

If the information is unavailable, contact the internet service provider isp. Smc supplies a printed quick install guide and cd with pdf copy of the user manual. Make sure at least one of the ethernet lan lights on the front of the router glows steadily green. If your windows xp computer is running sp2, you will not be able to set up the router via the wireless setup process. Option 2 connect the grey broadband cable to the left hand socket. Select use the following ip address and enter the ip address, subnet mask, default gateway as follows. You will need to either update to windows xp sp3 or complete the setup via a wired connection. Wireless dualband n router ethernet cable attached to router power supply attached to router network information card attached to router belkin setup cd with user manual initial setup where to place your router for the best results, place the router next to your modem in an open location away from large metal objects and magnets. If youre not already familiar with forums, watch our welcome guide to get started. Make sure the computer is powered on, then plug the other end of the yellow ethernet cable into an ethernet port on the computer. Contents fios router user manual cont 5 using network connections 5. Wf2404 user manual netis 300mbps wirelessn broadband router. Congratulations on purchasing the motorola wr850gp wireless broadband router or motorola wr850g wireless broadband router. Product overv ew thank you for choosing the linksys wireless g broadband router.

Of course, this information will be provided in the manual that came with the router. Once you are logged into the router by the way the user id is usually admin or. Top causes of dropping wireless connection on a linksys router. Actiontec wireless broadband router user manual 11 chapter 2 connecting the router. Wireless b broadband router sku befw11s4 user guide pdf downloads firmware register product. Thank you for purchasing the wireless 11g broadband router. According to the scale of your network, you can install a single ap or multiple aps to create a roaming wireless. With the wds function, it can repeat and amplify wireless signals to expand wireless network coverage area. An ap is used as a bridge linking the wireless station to a wired lan and thus creating an infrastructure network. Read all of the instructions listed here andor in the user manual before you operate this equipment.

W368r wirelessn broadband router user manual w368r. Wf2404 user manual netis 300mbps wirelessn broadband. Some screen images have been modified to fit the format of this manual. Log on to the router s webbased utility and you may set encryption for the router. Ridgewave 6300nel user manual application diagrams ridgewave 6300nel 4glte wireless broadband router is an allinone router, supporting 2 connection options 4lte and ewan to connect to the internet.

This manual provides information related to the installation and operation of this device. The wireless broadband router has the newest, strongest, most advanced security features. User manuals for the compusa 54mbps wireless broadband. Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your compusa 54mbps wireless broadband router 333628 router. Configuring the wireless b broadband router 9 overview 9 the setup tab basic setup 10 the setup tab mac address clone 14 the setup tab advanced routing 15. Wireless broadband router user manual 11 chapter 2 connecting the router 6. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at manualsonline. Much of what we buy off the shelves of compusa and bestbuy started. Wireless connection to a wireless broadband router.

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